Photo of me.


Allow me to introduce myself for a moment... I'm a long-time tinkerer and fellow jack-of-all-trades. If you're looking for someone that's willing to find the answers and make it work, look no further!

What I've done...

Traditionally educated in Graphics Programming and untraditionally in Information Technology. I've worked in the large-scale flight simulator manufacturing environment as an Assoicate Software Engineer and the public library setting as a low-cost, open-source IT guru.

And my interest...

I'm into the maker movement and 3D printing. Check out my designs on Tinkercad.

Building gaming computers is another hobby of mine. Intel, ASUS, ATI are my go-to hardware manufactures. I tend to over research my selections by comparing benchmark performance vs overall cost while considering future-proofing. Moore's law!

Which means I'm naturally an avid gamer, digital media enthusiast, and watcher/reader of all things sci-fi.

Looking forward,
Eric Gire